So last night I had a massive argument with a bunch of girls. Things were said that shouldn’t have been by everyone and this morning I apologised for it but the main girl involved is still being rude about everything. This particular group have been my friends pretty much since I moved which was 9 months ago but in the last 3 months, they have treated me like absolute dirt.

At my old school, I went through a similar thing just before I moved but I never got time to fix things.

Today my question to you guys is: How long should you try to patch up a friendship before it is too long and time to just find some new friends?

I look foward to hopefully reading a couple of responses and opinions from you guys.

I also would like to let you know that if I get enough people following me and liking my posts etc. I am going to do a monthly shout out and I will bog about a topic that one of you guys have chosen.

I hope to get these monthly blogs underway but I will need your guys help to do this.

Type Soon


GirlOnline9113, Disappearing for a while.


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9 Responses to Friendship

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  2. Elm says:

    Hii! You need to remember that YOU come first: if you feel like you need to move on from the friendship, you should. You don’t deserve to be put down by this xx


    • GirlOnline9113 says:

      Thank you. Same goes for you. Happy Easter by the way. Sorry for the late reply I have been away. P.S. Let me know what you would like me to blog about please. I am new to this and don’t know if I am doing the right thing. xx

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  3. From what you’ve said about them treating u dirt for the last three months, I think u should just move on, u can do much better than them so just walk away be the better person and find some friends who actually deserve u
    Foreverbloggergirl xxx


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