High Jump


So I am not really one of those girls that are sporty and good at running at stuff but I do have a couple of sports I am some what decent at.

These are dance, Basketball and netball but I have just started taking a new sport seriously and as the title suggests…it’s High Jump.

Last year, before I moved schools, I competed in school and won but didn’t get high enough because I had never done it and never got to go away for it. Last year my top was 1.15 m but this year I am still justt practising and I have already gotten 1.35m. I was going for 1.4 m when I got tired and wiped out and landed flat on the bar and sliced my foot open on onhje of the poles that hold the bar in place and have measurments on it. I have sport tomorrow and my sports teacher let us practise athletic stuff cause the carnival is coming up so I am hoping to go for a new record again.

I understand you might not understand why this is such an achievement for me but anyone who knows me will know that I am not really good at running, shot-put, long jump, javelin
or really anything that is usually in an athletics carnival but for the first time EVER I am actually enjoying something.

Also the person in this picture IS NOT ME

Love you all

Type Soon


GirlOnline9113, Disappearing for a while

Also had to add……8 days till me birthday!!!

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