“Does that hurt?”

My face squeezes so I don’t scream.


“What about this?”


This is exactly what I went through the majority of yesterday/last-night.

I fell at school and pretty much my ankle/foot went one way and my leg went the other way. Initially I thought it was just a bad sprain and so did all my other teachers that helped me, my cousins and my other family. Well that was until about 6 or 7 last-night when I finally took the bandage off that my teacher did to find it 4 times the size of my actual leg. I got my sister to wrap it but not as loose and yet about 45 minutes later, it was tight again because it had been swelling.

My dad took me to the hospital and it was hours and hours of poking, prodding, x-rays and waiting. It turns out they don’t think I fractured anything but if I can’t put any weight on it in a couple of days, go see a doctor. Well so far, some of my swelling has gone down…I think, I have a compression bandage on and I am not allowed to take it off yet, I am still not able to put any weight on it and I am stuck on crutches.

Stupid Sprinkler hole……..

I hope to get better because my birthday is tomorrow and I really don’t feel like crutches on my birthday…

Type Soon,


GirlOnline9113, Disappearing for a while


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